My name is François Hulet but you can call me “Frans”.
I was born on Valentine's day 1999. I graduated with a communication design bachelor degree at the CAD Brussels.

I'm currently in Barcelona for a Visual Design Master degree at ELISAVA.
I love design, advertising, and creativity in general.

I'm based in Barcelona right now but I'm from Belgium. Even though i'm very young in this industry, I still have some thoughts, feelings & opinions about it.

Here is my current Manifesto about myself as creative:

1. Being polarising gives a voice.
2. Be proud to share it.
3. Three coffees then I’m ready.
4. Most opinions don’t matter.
5. It’s never crazy enough.
6. Create for people.
7. I’m not an artist.
8. Great design seduces the eyes, great ideas seduces the mind.
9. Be purposeful.
10. Design does not change the world. Idea does.

AWARDS & Recognitions