Hiding in plain sight

The brief - given by my teacher Marie-Laure Cliquennois - was to create a multimedia campaign for the ice cream company Halo Top. The target was the adults and the message was: It’s such a delicious moment because our ice cream is low in calories, so you feel less guilty. And you can even eat more of it.

I decided to create a typography-based campaign. Giving a clear and fun message thanks to type and color. Communicating without actually showing the product was a fun challenge. Bus stops and billboards with red-tinted glass. The inscriptions “DIET”, “SUMMER BODY”,... are placed in red on walls around the city and the hidden message is written in low-opacity white over it. The red inscriptions disappear when you look through the red-tinted glass. The digital campaign is a game on the website. You have to find different mistakes on the website to unlock some secret page where you can custom your pint of ice cream.

Typography is the purest and most effective design asset that exists. It's simple and always works to communicate a strong message.

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