Spotify - Tag Your Tracks

The next brief is a fictional brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards. I entered this project with Anouchka d'Oreye and Lara Dewez. The Brief is the following: How can Spotify make the listening experience a social experience by enabling people to share the audio that means the most to them? How can they help listeners build a deeper connection with friends and artists? Create a feature within Spotify that helps people easily share their content and get people talking about it on their social feeds. While the core idea should be digital, you don’t need to be an experienced UX/UI designer. Focus on the core concept behind your idea and how you can express it.

To make Spotify more social, we decided to create the new feature "Tag your Tracks". Thanks to this you will be able to share any song with a personal message as a Tag on a map. The following video is the case movie presented for the competition.

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